Detangling Clipz
Detangling Clipz
Detangling Clipz
Detangling Clipz

Detangling Clipz

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No More Pain When Detangling Your Hair!

It is time for detangling natural hair to be Pain-Free! Even though detangling hairbrushes and sprays help with the detangling process. They do not reduce the pain. Stretchy Detangling Clipz will take you from crying to smiling in SECONDS! It is perfect for 3c-4c hair and great for kids and adults.

Stretchy Detangling Clipz is unlike any product on the market. It actually holds the hair for you; which allows you to use both hands to detangle your hair. This reduces detangling time and can help prevent hair breakage.

Stretchy Detangling Clipz is a must-have for the tender-headed and sensitive scalps. It is also a great tool for hairstylists to have in their kits! Stretchy Detangling Clipz are easy to use, affordable, and pain-free!

Some key features of our product:

1. Unlike detangling combs and hairbrushes, 
Stretchy Detangling Clipz holds the hair for you and allows you to use both hands to get maximum results.

2. Stretchy Detangling Clipz features a unique design that contains two clips connected by an elastic cord, that grip on to hair easily and painlessly.

3. Stretchy Detangling Clipz are small, portable, and can be taken anywhere!

4. It is so easy to use that even kids can do it themselves.                                 

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