I always had really thick hair, detangling used to be my biggest struggle growing up with my mother trying her hardest to attempt to do my hair. Braiding used to be another huge struggle due to the detangling process being rushed and the braids were tight and pulling my roots over time I learned to manage my own hair but it still become a struggle in my daily hair care routine as I try to find and try different method to me having a sensitive scalp when it come to styling. - Tiffany H. 


My little sister hates getting her hair done. Her hair is so long and thick it takes forever to do. She is tender headed and it hurts so much that we have to take SEVERAL breaks. - Amber W.


I have like 4a or 4b type hair. When I was little I used to cry when my mom would do my hair. - Tanesha S.


I been natural for some years now. With me being tender headed I have a very sensitive scalp and protective styles are the only way to preserve length. I experience a lot off shedding, due to me not wanting to endure the pain. - Natalie P.


Not only do I have sensitive scalp , but my sons do as well! Trying to detangle their hair can be a pain. They have a lot of hair! I have to use rubber band to help hold the hold ,while I detangle a different section of their hair! - Cynthia V.


I used to cry when mom was combing when I was younger then she decided to give me a “kiddy” perm and now I’m natural again as of 6 years ago and I absolutely love my hair but sometimes it’s hard detangling my hair. - Vanessa R.


My hair used to get so matted when I first went natural from not knowing what products to use for my hair. It has definitely been a long journey. - Angela M.